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We offer our services on the basis of an hourly rate or a so-called legal-aid case. Hourly fee arrangements and charges depend on the circumstance and urgency of the case.

Our rates offer a clear competitive difference. We work efficiently and we will ensure that you will not get any unpleasant surprises. During the intake consultation, you will gain insight into the legal feasibility of the case, fees and possible strategies to be followed.

All of our lawyers are registered with the Dutch Legal Aid Council. If you are eligible for a legal-aid case, you will only have to pay a minimal fee for our services. This depends on your income. For more information regarding legal aid financing, please go to the website www.rvr.org.

We’re regularly employed by legal expenses insurances. If you have a legal expenses insurance, it may be possible to apply for this. You can mention one of our lawyers as your preferred lawyers. This depends on your type of legal expenses insurance.

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