Spreksel advocaten


There is a solution that is acceptable for both parties for almost every fight or conflict. Often a fight has escalated in such a manner, that both parties can’t think of a possible solution. Mediation can change that.

With the help of an independent mediator, mediation can solve a dispute between two parties extrajudicial. The mediator remains independent and neutral. The mediator also guides conversations and guards the process. He helps the parties in finding a solution for their conflict. The parties determine their own solution. Because of this approach their own solution often works better than an imposed solution by a judge. The base is that both parties want to find a solution. Especially if they have to get along with each other for a longer period of time, mediation is the preferred way above a long trial.

Stefanie Spreksel is a registered mediator with the Dutch Mediation Federation (Mfn), a divorce mediator and a court mediator.