Spreksel advocaten

Corporate law

  • Establishment and assets
  • Internal organisation and decision-making
  • Representation and liability of the company
  • Liability of the founders, associates, managers, directors and shareholders
  • Disputes between corporate bodies (shareholders' disputes)
  • Restructuring and liquidation
  • Advice on financing (contracts with bank, securities)
  • (International) trade contracts and disputes
  • establishment and termination of corporate bodies (private limited company, public limited company, foundation, association, cooperation) and unincorporated bodies (general partnership, civil law partnership, or a limited partnership business entity)
  • Mergers, demergers, acquisitions and business transfers
  • Transactions of assets/liabilities or share transactions
  • Reconstruction and reorganisation
  • Drafting of contracts
  • General conditions
  • Due diligence